Metsu Hadouken
Ryu unleashing Metsu Hadouken.
User Ryu
Final Smash Directional
Uses Ryu begins charging a Hadouken saying "Mestu". After charging it, he unleashes it yelling "Hadouken", dealing 54%.

The Metsu Hadouken serves as one of Ryu's Final Smashes in Super Smash Bros Crusade. Ryu begins charging a Hadouken saying Hadouken. After charging it, Ryu unleashes the ball of energy yelling "Hadouken!". Its the only one of Ryu's Final Smashes that's a projectile. If you time it well, you can cancel a Shoryuken into a Metsu Hadouken when the Final Smash meter is full.

Ryu's other Final Smash is the Shin Shoryuken.

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