Series Mario icon
Availability Starter
Appearances Super Mario
Legality Ban


Peach's Castle, the most poorly guarded castle in the history of castles, is now your's to use as a battle arena. This particular castle is the version found in Super Mario 64, and features a stain-glass picture of peach in the center. Originally found in Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64, Crusade has modified it to be a more competitive and modern stage, while still keeping that Super Mario 64 feel to it.

Stage Appearance

The stage is on top of Peach's Castle roof. It is separated into two halves by a large, central spire that requires you to do some fancy arial maneuvers to get over. Various mountains are seen in the background, as well as the beautiful Mushroom Kingdom. Lakitu from Super Mario 64 occasionally appears to get some footage of your fight, not doing much else. Since Peach is a playable character, it can be (sadly) assumed that there is no freshly baked cake awaiting you on the inside.

Music Tracks

  1. Super Mario 64 Main Theme


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