Series Q*Bert
Availability Unlockable
Appearances Q*Bert
Legality Ban


Originally the stage for the Q*Bert Arcade Game, the Crusade Q*Bert stage removes Coily, Ugg, Wrong Way, Slick, Slam, and the teleportation disks, making it act like one big multilayer pyramid.

Stage Appearance

Q*Bert is a mock-isometric pyramid with "3D" cubes that act as the platforms for combatants. The cubes change a different color depending on which combatant lands on it. On this stage, Q*Bert, the orange creature resembling a Deku Scrub, can be found hopping from cube to cube. Contact with him does damage you (and makes Q*Bert emit a censored swear in a speech bubble), and Q*Bert's contact with the cube turns it a light gray.

NOTE: It is unknown what would happen if all the cubes were changed to one color, though it is assumed nothing, since it is virtually impossible for a player to change them all to match his/her color.

Music Tracks

  1. Leon - Infected Dreams


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